Be inspired by the beauty of tropical butterflies with this delightful Butterfly Keychain.


Designed by Felicia Maguire  it features 4 Buttercream Beads and 1 Multi colour Orb. The butterfly dangles from its Gold head Cane.  Its elegant Champagne mica pigment and drifting gold sparkles make up this  four sided figure combination will add a fresh and stylish accent to any Key, Purse or bag. Perfect for gifting.


Decoration object.

Not a toy. 

Personalized Keychains

    • Collection: Keychain Collection 
    • Colour:  Buttercream Champagne and drifting gold sparkle.
    • Size: Rectangle 1x1.5 inch 
    • Approximate Length between 5.5 to 6 inches
    • Material:  Resin 
    • Not a Toy 
    • Not Recommend for Children under 7