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Have you ever read a book, only to lose your place because you haven't got a decent bookmark? Well, perhaps if you'd had one of these unique page markers, you'd be more inclined to continue your quest for knowledge or adventure. 


These most requested classic black and gold bookmarks are handmade, featuring a  silk tassel. These bookmarks are fully customizable, if you would like to add a Letter please email the artist to discuss your creations. 

Additional cost applies when adding a Swarovski crystal.


Resin bookmarks are a beautiful and thoughtful go-to gift for anyone, especially book lovers! 


Personalized Bookmarks

    • Approximate size 1x5.5 inches
    • 1 Silk Tessel
    • A Variety of colours you can custom make your Bookmark.  
    • Customise your Bookmark initials 
    • Additional cost applies when adding a Swarovski crystal.
    • Water Resistant but can not be submerge in water for any lengh of time. 
    • Do not put in dishwasher 
    • Do not use sharpe tools on Bookmarks. 
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