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Pumpkin Caramel is an enchanting fragrance oil that captures the true essence of autumn's most indulgent pleasures. The rich, velvety aroma of creamy pumpkin puree, delicately layered with the warmth of Ground Cinnamon, Cardamom, and Clove Leaf begin this incredible journey. As the scent lingers, it unveils French Vanilla and Caramelized Sugar. Pumpkin Caramel, with its symphony of scents, is sure to leave a lasting impression and quickly become a seasonal favourite in your candle collection.


10oz candle

Pedestal Candle Bowls

    • Top: Creamy Pumpkin Puree
    • Mid: Ground Cinnamon, Cardamom, Clove Leaf
    • Base: French Vanilla, Caramelized Sugar
    • 10 oz Candle
    • lengh tall - 14cm
    • width - 12.7cm



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