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Indulge in my Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Candle Collection. 

WIth sweets notes of 

 Sweet Mandarin, Blackberries,
 Black Raspberries, Juicy Strawberries
Vanilla Sugar and chocolate. 


Burn time: 40-60 hours.


Net weight: 12oz

Keep wax pool free of debris

Burn 3-4 hours maximum per use

Trim wick to 1/4 inch each time candle is lit

Let it completely cool before movingv or relighting

Discontinue use when 1/4 inch of wax remains

Burn on a stable heat resistant surface and avoid drafty areas

Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Candle

    • 100% natural coconut wax blend. 
    • Top: Sweet Mandarin, Blackberries
      Mid: Black Raspberries, Juicy Strawberries
      Base: Vanilla Sugar and chocolate
    • Raspberries made from 100% Beewax.
    • Whipped Vanilla icing made from soy wax.
    • FDA Approved Glass 
    • 12oz Candle
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