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Inspired by an opal stone.


Opal is believed that this stone promotes security, calmness, it is great for easing stress and depression. It is great for calming restless thoughts and mind.


Layers of using opal pigment colours to create this beautiful bamboo tray.

Each agate style captures individual beauty.

Completed with resin succulents.


Perfect for a candle, or food styling. ****Candle not included  with tray)****

Bamboo Serving Trays

    • Made with 100% Resin  
    • Midnight black and vanilla white with hints of Gold.
    • 11x8 inches
    • Water Resistant but can not be submerge in water for any lengh of time. 
    • Do not put in dishwasher 
    • Do not use sharpe tools on trays or coasters. 
    • Each piece is handmade in an art studio, and may have small imperfections such as imperfections on the surface of the resin such as fine bubbles, ripples or small particles that have found a way into the artwork and cured within the resin during its 24-48 hour curing stage, if you want to see more photos of a piece or would like to request a video please contact us. Each item is handmade. 
    • Epoxy Resin is UV sensitive, appropriate UV blockers are used in the formula but may yellow over time with exposure to sunlight. Keep all pieces out of direct sunlight.

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